Friday, July 16, 2010

Simple Wreath

Phew the past week has been crazy! After getting that amoire finished and in our bedroom, my husband had drill for the Army and that ALWAYS makes for craziness! So I finally sat down yesterday and said I need to relieve some stress and I need to make some stuff or I am going to go crazy!!!! The first thing I made is this wreath. It was super simple to make and I did it all without a drop of glue! Instead I use sewing pins, that way I could change the fabric anytime I wanted to and didn't waste a wreath.

First I started off with a stryofoam wreath that I purchased from Dollar Tree. I just used scraps of fabric that I had. I first pinned a piece of fabric to the wreath on the diagonal that way it wouldn't pop out the other end. Then I just continued wrapping the fabric overlapping the fabric.

Then once I was finished I simply stuck a pin at the end on the diagonal again.

I cut out some fabric and some burlap to make flowers and stuck them into the wreath by using some colored brads I found on sale. That is pretty much it! Simple, quick, and easy.

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