Sunday, January 16, 2011


When I first created this blog it was mainly for jewelry that I was making so that my mother could show the ladies she worked with my creations.  Then this kind of turned into a crafting blog.  ONE BIG PROBLEM!!!  I do not like the name of my blog, haha (not really that funny since I already have some pretty AMAZING followers!)  So after like a month or two of thinking this through I am going to close this blog and move over to a new one.  I like the name much better, and I don't really design.  I feel like I am false advertising here!  I took high school interior design and that was about it.  Basically all I learned was to have three colors going in a room since it is more pleasing to the eye!  Oh and never place your television where people will walk in front of it. uhhhhh ok I do that though.... 

So this is why I am screaming!!!!  I cannot get my new blog to accept a background!  I am going BONKERS over here!  I don't want to pay someone to do it because the blog doesn't make me money and I already spend waaaaayyyy too much on my crafting!  SO sorry my blog friends I just had to vent some.  OH and I will let you know the new blog as soon as it is available! 

Thanks for listening!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year and I am going to do this Blog thing right.

That's right it is time to get serious!  I never thought blogging would be so hard!  I have to admit though there are times I go a while without crafting.  There are months weeks that I just don't feel like hauling crafting supplies upstairs.  I currently do not have my own little space to craft.  It takes place mostly at the kitchen table and I have to wait until my kiddos are in bed.  I have three boys and they completely wear me out by the end of the day.  HOWEVER I am done with excuses I am going to do this blog some much needed justice!!!!

I am going to start by having next week having a Valentine's EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! 
I am going to have at least five Valentine's crafts that do not cost very much to make!
Also I am going to have a what I call Cheapo's Craft Saturday post that will be something you can make on a Saturday afternoon that will not cost more than $5.00-$10.00 To make!

Yes, I can do this!  My blog will be wonderful!  Ha ha!!!
Anywho that is all I wanted to post.

(and by the way I did get the purse I wanted for Christmas)