Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stars and Stripes

Who doesn't LOVE the month of July? It is warm, there is always BBQs going on, and the FIREWORKS! Most importantly it is the birth of our country which my husband so proudly protects for us. It is seriously one of the funnest months in my opinion! I got a new cartridge for my Cricut called Stand and Salute which I have a TON of ideas for. I wanted to use it right a way so I came up with an idea for this centerpiece for my table. I found some plastic tumblers at Wal-Mart for like a buck a piece a few weeks ago and while I was at the DI I found a wooden crate I guess that is what you would call it.

First I took some spray paint which I bought from Wal-Mart the 96 cent can. (Probably the worst can of spray paint ever) I painted the crate the white.

I then printed off some stars from some extra vinyl which happened to be red. Perfect right? Then I put them on the tumblers so that I could paint them and get a stencil type of effect. After I put the stars on I kind of liked it the way it was. But decided to stick with my original plan.

See how cute they look just with the stars on them? But I wanted the look of a flag so I went out and sprayed them a deep blue. I did the first one right side up put soon found out that it works better with them upside down. Then I let those dry some picked up my wooden crate and went inside.
I took some craft paint, the color was red apple. I painted the slats the red to get the effect of stripes on the flag.
I cut out on my Cricut the Stars and Stripes with some vinyl and stuck that on the sides. After the paint on the crate dried I decided to rough it up a little with a sanding block. Then I went and got my tumblers and peeled off all the vinyl stars. I put it in the crate, lit some tea candles and admired my work.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lamp Makeover

Soooooo I have to say that I LOVE the DI. Oh yes it is a place of junky glory, I found a clock that doesn't work anymore but still has SO much potential in it.... Here is a pic of said clock.

Why would anyone give this away?!?!?!? Oh well now it has a new home where I will love it and cherish it for its junky beauty.

I also found two lamps that MATCH! I have never found lamps that match at the DI. (Then again I do not get there too often). However these lamps were from the 70's... the are old souls but I wasn't really digging their gold, brassy look they had going on seen here:

These ladies were due for a makeover. Don't get me wrong I DO love some gold, clunky, silly things. It can be very beautiful but for lamps? BTW do you like the box?? Ya that is all I had, I like the television that came out of it even more. Back to the ladies lets call them Agatha and Agnes. Okay now that I have successfully named lamps let's get to what went down.

  • First you will need a fantastic husband who will watch children for you. (check)

  • Second I used a can of spray paint. I used Rust-o-leum Aqua

So then after my husband (lets call him for fun Sgt Fantastic) showed me how to spray paint. I painted them (bulb and all) with the spray paint. Agatha and Agnes looked like this:

They were looking good. Very bright and bold! However Agatha and Agnes will be living in my bedroom I did not want them outdoing everything in the room (including me jk). So I thought hmmmm how can I tone them down a little. I had a great idea for them. I took some leftover paint, watered it down quite a bit and painted it on then rub it off with a rag. Sorry no picture of this step per my hands were quite dirty and didn't want my camera getting painted. It took me a little bit to get the hang of it but alas I got a result that I was happy with. Agatha and Agnes were made over and if I do say look fabulous.
Now all I need to do is find some cheap lamp shades to complete their new look. I cannot wait to get them in my room.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Here is the necklace that I started yesterday afternoon and did not get to finish until close to midnight. At least it is done! I LOVE it! So very happy with how it turned out! I think it would be great for everyday wear yet fancy enough for a special occasion... What do you think?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let me introduce myself...

I am Mandi, I am a mother, daughter, wife, sister, and best friend. I have three adorable little boys that I could not imagine my life without. Aidan who is 5, came into my life when I was in a really bad place, and he pretty much saved my life. I was a single mom to Aidan for a while. I had no help from the man who helped make Aidan (he was never a father so I have a really hard time calling him that). Then I met my husband February 3, 2006 on a blind date set up on my now best friend Sarah. I knew from the instant I met Lance we would be together forever. Lance had just gotten back from deployment to Iraq a couple of months before we met. He was everything I was looking for in a guy, sweet but not too sugary sweet that would make me gag. Lance is an amazing friend and will do anything for me in an instant. Most of all he treated Aidan like he was his own.
Lance and I got married March 24, 2007 in LAS VEGAS! It was a blast and perfect for the type of couple we were. We wanted a ceremony that was special to us but not crazy serious, or expensive. We wanted our wedding to be completely about us and not just feeding everyone. :)
Soon after we were married we got pregnant with Connor, who is now 2. Connor is such a special little boy. His laugh makes everyone around him smile and giggle. He truly is all boy, he plays in whatever dirt patch he can find. Our latest addition is sweet baby Rowan, he is 10 months. I really wanted a girl when I got pregnant with Rowan. Is it bad of me that I was upset to find out I was having another boy? However Rowan is my sweet baby boy, I am so glad to have him. He has a very beautiful soul, and makes my heart swell up. We will try for the girl I long for in another year or so. If we have another boy then I will be blessed to have four little boys.
Lance works for the Army full time during the week and is also in the Army Reserves. Which means alot of work for mediocre pay. I was tired of trying to decorate our house buying things that were completely overpriced. I started stalking blogs seeing what other talented women were doing to get some ideas. I found out there are incredibly talented women in blogland, I started making crafts and posting them on my facebook. I soon felt like that was all my FB had become so I decided to take a go at it and make my own blog hoping to inspire someone who like me, doesn't have a loaded bank account but wants their house to be beautiful. I hope you enjoy!