Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spider Topiary

I love Halloween, it is hands down my favorite holiday of the year! The air is always so crisp and the leaves are changing all different colors. To see all of the fun, spooky decorations in peoples yards to me is fantastic!

During the summer I bought some supplies to make a traditional topiary, I never got to it. So while going through my craft stuff I came across a wooden dowel and reminded myself how I did not complete a project I was so excited for. I thought it would be fun to make a topiary Halloween style I thought of doing a spider with furry yarn instead of moss and spiderwebs at the bottom. I started with a half sphere of floral Styrofoam and started wrapping the fun fir yarn all over it. My oldest son told me it did not look anything like a spider, telling me it needed legs and eyeballs. He has such opinions for being the tender age of FIVE!!!

My husband actually suggested the pipe cleaners. I have such a clever husband! I cut each one in half and stuck it into the spider body. Which was not as easy as I had imagined it at first since it was covered in yarn! I also found two red beads from my jewelry kit and two headpins and stuck them it. I then showed it to my five year old who was pleased haha!I bought some buckets this past summer at the DI for a dollar a piece and used that instead of a terracotta pot. I spray painted it black so it would look spooky!!
I painted my wooden dowel orange and did not worry too much about the bottom of it since it was going to be in the bottom of the bucket anyway. I picked up some spiderwebs from Walmart and did not even use a handful of them! WOOOHOOO more for decorations!

After the bucket and the wooden dowel was dry I then assembled my spider the same way you would a regular topiary. I now need to find a place for him that the kids will not try to tear him apart. Happy crafting!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is for you Andi Jo!

It is about time I actually posted on here. When I first set up this blog I had every intention of keeping up and blogging at least once a week about the crafts I had been doing. However life happens and sadly I did not have much funding for crafting due to our car needing a new engine!!! However I love to craft, it helps me take my mind off of things and just chill. Plus who doesn't like looking over something they have created and say "Ya, I made that!"

I found some charger plates while wish shopping at Hobby Lobby. The plates were only two dollars a piece so I couldn't help my self. At first I was just going to use it for a candle holder but I didn't have any candles to put in it. So I opted for items I already had on hand. It was pretty simple I just took some rhinestones I had in my jewelry kit and truth be told I super glued it haha!!! Then I just printed out the vinyl and stuck it on. So simple but yet I love it! Even my husband liked it!!! I am working on something that I actually did buy supplies for but it is going to be my weekend project! So I will have that posted hopefully by Sunday!