Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is for you Andi Jo!

It is about time I actually posted on here. When I first set up this blog I had every intention of keeping up and blogging at least once a week about the crafts I had been doing. However life happens and sadly I did not have much funding for crafting due to our car needing a new engine!!! However I love to craft, it helps me take my mind off of things and just chill. Plus who doesn't like looking over something they have created and say "Ya, I made that!"

I found some charger plates while wish shopping at Hobby Lobby. The plates were only two dollars a piece so I couldn't help my self. At first I was just going to use it for a candle holder but I didn't have any candles to put in it. So I opted for items I already had on hand. It was pretty simple I just took some rhinestones I had in my jewelry kit and truth be told I super glued it haha!!! Then I just printed out the vinyl and stuck it on. So simple but yet I love it! Even my husband liked it!!! I am working on something that I actually did buy supplies for but it is going to be my weekend project! So I will have that posted hopefully by Sunday!