Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cheapo's Apothecary Jars

Does anyone else have the problem that once you get one thing organized all of a sudden everything else in that place seems a mess? I made that junk bucket for my brushes and all of a sudden where I kept my bobby pins and hair ties bugged me. Me being the cheapo that I am thought I wouldn't even bother looking to buy some 'real' apothecary jars. I went on over to Dollar Tree to find something that might possibly work. I found some Two Way Spice Jars tucked away. On a side note why are things that are awesome always tucked away? Why can't they be out for everyone to see?
They once had ugly stickers on them that indeed said, Two Way Spice Jars, but that would look funny in the bathroom right? Peeled them off and scrubbed them to get all the leftover glue off the jars. I pulled out my handy dandy Cricut cut out some vinyl and stuck them on the jars. B for bobby pins, H for hair ties, and Q for Q-Tips. All for about $3.50 swwwwweeeeeeetttttt!!!!!!


  1. Oh wow! Those are super cute! I need to go to dollar tree!! So fun! And what a great idea! Those items totally need to be organized because I always end up loosing them because they don't have a home. Love the idea.

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  2. How awesome! What a great idea. Saw you at Simply Designing, thanks for sharing!