Monday, July 12, 2010

Almost finished

I haven't posted something for a couple of days, not because I have not wanted to but because my husband and I have been working on a piece of furniture. But we are almost finished and I am quite pleased with how it is going along. Then I can start something new! Like LAMP SHADES!!!! I found some at the DI this weekend that are still in the plastic and were only $2.00 a piece! Then there is another project with baby jars... I have many ideas swimming around in my head. I hope to have the new piece done tonight so I can move it into the house instead of under the carport in the driveway. I will give a little sneak peak.

Isn't it pretty??? I bought it from my landlord/neighbor/junk collector for a mere $10.00. So maybe I will have some pictures of it finished tonight. *fingers crossed*

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