Sunday, July 4, 2010

Last minute 4th of July shirts.

I wonder if other moms who have all boys have the same frustration as me. I hate trying to find clothes for my boys. The shirts they usually have are pretty lame with little teddy bears giving hugs and what not. My boys want trucks and dinosaurs going RAWR! So while shopping for 4th of July shirts I ran into the same dilemma. All I could find were shirts that were in my opinion too girly. I read on a blog called Imperfectly Beautiful that I can cut fabric with my Cricut! I was at first a little timid about doing it, but I was going to go for it? What was the worst that could happen? I had an old mat that I didn't care if it was ruined or not. The mat wasn't very sticky anymore so I just put some adhesive on it waited for it to dry and away I went.

First I washed all materials, fabric I was cutting and the shirts I was going to put the transfer paper on (to prevent any shrinking after the iron on). After they were washed and dried I cut a section of fabric and cut some Heat N Bond. I ironed the fabric to the heat and bond.

I got the design and size adjusted per the Design Studio. I changed the blade on my Cricut to a deep cut blade. Which I had a really hard time buying since for two it was 15 dollars!!! I justified it by saying that I will only use it for cutting fabric so they will last for a while. I put my speed and pressure on max. I peeled off the back of the iron on transfer since the mat was very sticky now and I did not want the paper sticking to the mat. I placed the fabric on the mat and loaded it into the machine and took a very big GULP! I watched to make sure my Cricut wasn't going to blow up haha! SUCCESS!!!! I had done my very first fabric cut! I gave myself a smile thinking how crafty I had become and how much I love my husband for the fantastic Christmas present. Then I cut out two more designs! I was so pleased!

I practically ran down my stairs to the ironing board and plugged in the iron. Tapping on the board impatiently waiting for the iron to heat up. I looked over the shirts that I was going to put the applique on. The shirts were a little wrinkled after they were dried so I ironed them out to have a smooth surface. After they were all ironed (which I am not very spectacular at. It is a good thing my hubby is more of a T-shirt jeans sort of guy). I place the first transfer onto the first shirt and pressed and held for 8 seconds all over the fabric. I held it up and marveled at how cute it was going to look on my baby.
FINALLY, shirts that are boyish enough for my trio. My oldest son said that he was a bad guy since his had an eagle. Where he got that I have no clue?

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