Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I would LOVE for Christmas!

Not Thunderbird's bag

My husband and I met some good friends at a bowling alley a month or so ago. My friend Thunderbird (no not her real name, just a nickname) had this AMAZING purse made out of her hubby's old uniform. I fell IN LOVE!!!! It is so cute with the green and the fabric that she picked out to match it. I had to have one, so I asked her where she got her fantastic, wonderfully adorable bag. She informed me that she ordered of off www.Heroonmyarm.com

As soon as I got home I pulled up said website and admired all of the purses. What I love about this business is that is an Army wife owned business. I am all for helping out another Army spouse, keeping it in the family I guess you could say.

You can send in your husband's uniform, they pick it apart and sew it back together as a purse! So now whenever he is gone I can still have a piece of my 'hero'. Such a wonderful idea!!!

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  1. I am not a military wife, but this is cool. What a great gift idea!