Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let me introduce myself...

I am Mandi, I am a mother, daughter, wife, sister, and best friend. I have three adorable little boys that I could not imagine my life without. Aidan who is 5, came into my life when I was in a really bad place, and he pretty much saved my life. I was a single mom to Aidan for a while. I had no help from the man who helped make Aidan (he was never a father so I have a really hard time calling him that). Then I met my husband February 3, 2006 on a blind date set up on my now best friend Sarah. I knew from the instant I met Lance we would be together forever. Lance had just gotten back from deployment to Iraq a couple of months before we met. He was everything I was looking for in a guy, sweet but not too sugary sweet that would make me gag. Lance is an amazing friend and will do anything for me in an instant. Most of all he treated Aidan like he was his own.
Lance and I got married March 24, 2007 in LAS VEGAS! It was a blast and perfect for the type of couple we were. We wanted a ceremony that was special to us but not crazy serious, or expensive. We wanted our wedding to be completely about us and not just feeding everyone. :)
Soon after we were married we got pregnant with Connor, who is now 2. Connor is such a special little boy. His laugh makes everyone around him smile and giggle. He truly is all boy, he plays in whatever dirt patch he can find. Our latest addition is sweet baby Rowan, he is 10 months. I really wanted a girl when I got pregnant with Rowan. Is it bad of me that I was upset to find out I was having another boy? However Rowan is my sweet baby boy, I am so glad to have him. He has a very beautiful soul, and makes my heart swell up. We will try for the girl I long for in another year or so. If we have another boy then I will be blessed to have four little boys.
Lance works for the Army full time during the week and is also in the Army Reserves. Which means alot of work for mediocre pay. I was tired of trying to decorate our house buying things that were completely overpriced. I started stalking blogs seeing what other talented women were doing to get some ideas. I found out there are incredibly talented women in blogland, I started making crafts and posting them on my facebook. I soon felt like that was all my FB had become so I decided to take a go at it and make my own blog hoping to inspire someone who like me, doesn't have a loaded bank account but wants their house to be beautiful. I hope you enjoy!

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